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Connecticut Delegation disgraces itself

I think this is the worst thing that Joe Courtney has done since he voted to condemn Moveon years ago.:

Last week, House Republicans pushed through an invidious bill they’ve cynically dubbed “Kate’s Law” that would impose draconian mandatory minimum sentences on those who attempt to re-enter the country illegally—and which would have done nothing to prevent the tragic death of the woman the legislation is named after, Kathryn Steinle.

More than 400 civil rights organizations came out in opposition to the law, as did nearly the entire House Democratic caucus—but not everyone. Two dozen Democrats joined 233 Republicans in voting for the bill.

via Daily Kos

One eighth of those Democrats were from Connecticut. Besides Joe, Larson and Esty voted with the Republicans. That’s the way to inspire the resisters to back you in ’18 guys! One thing you can be sure of in these times. If every Republican votes for a bill, and almost every Democrat votes against it, the bill is evil.

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