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Hang in there, Jeff

Life is funny. If, a year ago, you had told me that someday Jefferson Beauregard Sessions would be attorney general; that he’d be under pressure to resign, but that I wouldn’t want him to resign, I’d have questioned your sanity.

Yet here we are. Trump’s new golden boy has allowed as if it sure does look like Trump wants Jeff to resign, so that he can make a recess appointment of a new AG to fire Robert Mueller. And here I am, hoping that Jeff doesn’t resign.

Look at it this way. A Sessions successor is unlikely to lighten up on Jeff’s racist agenda, but he is pretty much certain to do Trump’s bidding on the obstruction of justice front. If you’re Jeff Sessions, you might not enjoy being publicly humiliated, but you might cherish the opportunity to obstruct your tormentor’s obstruction of justice, even if you may be in the investigatory cross hairs yourself.

Anyway, hang in there Jeff. You’re a disgusting, loathsome, despicable specimen, but hey… the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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