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Only one side!

Almost everyone on the left is aware of the “both sides” mentality of the mainstream press. Why, there are some bloggers who specialize in exposing the absurd lengths to which the media will go to insist that “both sides” are equally bad. (I highly recommend driftglass, see one of his many great takedowns of David Brooks here.) You know how it goes. Does the Republican Party cater to racists, and has it done so for the past 40 years? Well, what about the Democrats, who … who, well, who refuse to feel the pain of those racists, or something. There’s always something.

So, this morning I picked up the Boston Globe and read this headline: In age of Trump, politics has become a game with no shame So, naturally, I figured, somewhere in the article we would be assured that both sides are guilty of Trump’s transgressions, which in this case consist of refusing to admit he is wrong or apologize to those he has wronged, regardless of mountains of proof that he is wrong or that an apology is in order. The story documents the fact that lots of Republican politicians throughout the country are following Trump’s lead, and standing by outrageously false claims or outrageous and baseless insults directed at political opponents.

But, guess what?!!!! The article tells it like it is. I looked in vain for even a hint of an assertion that Democrats are doing it too. It’s not there! Could this be the beginning of the end of both siderism, or is this just the work of a new young journalist who has not yet caught on to the rules?

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