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Spines in short supply

Sort of a follow up to my post of a few days ago about the probability that the Democrats will find a way to blow it in next year’s election, provoked by a piece at Hullabaloo, with which I totally agree. Titled, We must ensure that the Resistance keeps up the pressure. Without it Democrats will cave., the post makes the point that next month’s vote on the debt limit may be the make or break point for the Democrats:

The latest (hopefully temporary) cave on DACA is not reassuring. If the Democrats lose their spines going into this election and allow Trump to be seen as a “winner” by bringing them around to his side, if they even think of kissing his ring like those Republicans have done, in the midst of a strong economy, the GOP will win. And we will be done.

It is vital that they stay strong and resist. Any capitulation to Trump will demoralize the Democratic base and give the other side a good reason to come out and vote for their team next year. Keep in mind that Democrats must have an unusually high turnout in a mid-term which is always very difficult for them and the Republicans must stay home in a midterm which is uncommon.

The Resistance is called what it’s called because of a massive grassroots demand that Trump not be normalized or validated. We must push these Democrats to hold the line.

In order for the Democrats to use the leverage they have on the debt limit they must do two things. First, they must stand together, something which, amazingly, they have been pretty good about so far during this presidency. Second, they must have their talking points ready so as to shift blame for any actual shutdown to the Republicans, who, after all, are in control of all three branches of government. They have not been particularly good on this score, but prior to now, circumstances have been such that it wasn’t critical. It will be critical if they decide to grow spines and actually refuse to increase the debt limit unless some of their demands are met.

My own guess is that the message won’t be needed, because in the end, the spines will not be grown. They’ve already gone along with two “temporary” extensions, and they will likely go along with more. The Republicans will be perfectly happy to adopt the expedient of using short term resolutions to avoid dealing with the issue. This would all be part of the Democrats long term strategy to lose (or at least not win) in November, by convincing as many of the currently energized members of the resistance as possible that it doesn’t matter who gets elected in November. Right now the odds are against the Democrats pulling off a defeat, but, hey, they managed it last year and they can do it again.

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