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Dodd Fundraiser-July 2009

Some Pictures from the Groton Fundraiser, at which Senator Dodd appeared, along with other assorted luminaries. First, the Senator himself, addressing the assembled multitudes. We actually got a very good turnout (about 100 people)

Dodd with a fan (I forgot to get her name):

Music provided by Kit Johnson:

Ned Lamont and Ed Morris, East Lyme Town Chairman:

The AFT contingent:

State Representative Gary LeBeau, his wife Joanne, State Central Committee Member Scott Bates, and City Chairman Liz Duarte:

Town Chairman Betsy Moukawsher, Senator Dodd and AG Dick Blumenthal:

Beverly Herbert, Nancy Driscoll, State Rep Lisa Wright, Senator Dodd, Dick Blumenthal, and State Rep Ed Moukawsher;

Senator Dodd and Town Council candidate George Swift

Lisa Wright, Dan Malloy and Ed Moukawsher:

Senator Dodd and Mrs. CTBlue, (Mary von Dorster in real life):

Senator Dodd was kind enough to invite me into a picture with my wife, but I looked grotesque, so it will not see the light of day, or at least will not appear on the internet.

Next up, Senator Dodd with Ruby Clegg Silva discussing genealogy. Despite a common maiden name, Ruby is not related to the Senator’s wife but they still found a lot to talk about.

Finally, a series of pictures of Liberal Drinkers (but not at the fundraiser) and Waterford Town Committee members Atul Shah and Jessica McLaughlin with the various luminaries.