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Burdensome government regulations

Years ago my wife and I bought a second home in Vermont. It is somewhere between a shack and a house, if truth be told. We found shortly after we bought it that we could not pay the mortgage on the house and college tuition at the same time, so until recently it has been […]

I detect a flaw in this argument

Let me start this by saying that there are people on both side of the Hillary-Bernie divide that indulge in this sort of thing, but being as I’m in the tank for Bernie, I prefer to pick on those that are in the tank for Hillary. Besides, I really think I’ve managed to avoid descents […]

Ding Dong, Scalia’s dead

My wife tells me I’m not the first person to hark back to the Wizard of Oz today, but since I thought of it before she told me that I can still say it was original with me. Sort of. Anyway, predicting what is going to happen going forward is far too easy. I would […]

McKesson running for Baltimore mayor

Bowdoin alum DeRay McKesson (of whom we left thinking Bowdoinites are very proud) is running for mayor of Baltimore. It’s a job I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, but he apparently wants it. You can donate here.

Seven Stages

Glenn Greenwald traces the Seven Stages of Establishment Backlash, demonstrated completely in the case of Jeremy Corbyn in Britain, and in process here in the U.S. in the case of Bernie Sanders. Other than the numerical quantities, there isn’t much parallel with the Seven Stages of Grief, particularly at stage 7. In the case of […]

In politics, you can’t get what you won’t demand

If you read a range of left wing blogs you know that one of the knocks against Bernie Sanders is that, given the present makeup of Congress, there’s no way that he could get his proposals through even if he wins. It follows, therefore, as the night the day, that he shouldn’t be advocating for […]

Bowdoin man makes good

The folks at the National Review, who specialize in giving racism a (very thin) veneer of intellectual respectability, have set their sights on DeRay McKesson. Here’s the intro: Meet DeRay McKesson: Bowdoin ’07, a former Minneapolis-area school administrator — and now the public face of “Black Lives Matter.” Imagine Al Sharpton, circa the Crown Heights […]

A novel idea: give the people what they want

So, it seems that Jeb Bush doesn’t know how many years the lower 99 have to work before getting their share of crumbs from the table, though he knows he wants to increase the number of years and decrease the number of crumbs: If you missed Face the Nation on Sunday, you missed Jeb Bush […]

Krugman hearts Obama

Back in 2008 Paul Krugman put off a lot of liberals by being rather cool toward Obama; it seemed pretty clear he preferred Hillary. Lately, however, he's been one of Obama's biggest cheerleaders. Consider today's column in which he lauds Obama for proposing a non austere budget: On Monday, President Obama will call for a […]

Two and a half cheers for Obama

Regular readers (should they exist) will recall that I have been urging the Democrats to stand for something other than being the party that is not crazy (which, oddly enough, is not a compelling selling point in this country). In particular, I've urged forgiveness of student loans and free college tuition in public institutions. So, […]