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Religious freedom takes another hit 

This is really unbelievable!

A police official says brutal beatings that left one teenager dead and his brother seriously wounded at a New York church were part of what members considered a “counseling session.”

New Hartford Police Chief Michael Inserra said Wednesday that both Lucas and Christopher Leonard were subjected to hours of physical punishment at the Word of Life Church “in hopes that each would confess to prior sins and ask for forgiveness.”

Inserra says investigators are still looking into what the supposed sins were. He said there’s no indication, at this point, that the issue was sexual assault.

Nineteen-year-old Lucas Leonard died. Seventeen-year-old Christopher is hospitalized in serious condition.

via Talking Points Memo

That’s not the unbelievable part. Do you know what the cops did to these people? They arrested them!

Six church members, including the victims’ parents and sister, are now locked up on charges they assaulted the two young men on Monday.

What ever happened to the first amendment? These people weren’t bothering anyone; they were quietly and peacefully practicing the dictates of their religion and the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, said teachings having to be somewhere in all that crap about love and forgiveness (forget all that stuff about “cast[ing] the first stone”, because they weren’t using stones). First Kim Davis, now this. Where will it end?

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