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Daily Archives: May 6th, 2008


This blog probably goes silent tomorrow. I have to go to New Jersey for work related reasons, and I don’t expect to get back until late tomorrow night. In the meantime, a few predictions: tomorrow we will learn from the Clintonites that North Carolina doesn’t count, since it is a red state, unlike Indiana which […]

Talking about comments at the Day

I spent this afternoon at the New London Day. Greg Stone invited me to participate in a roundtable discussion. The subject was comments on articles on newspaper websites. Apparently, they can get wild and wooly sometimes, and issues arise about the extent to which the papers should reject offensive comments. For legal reasons they can […]

On to Iran, helped once again by the New York Times

This is something I feel the need to pass on. The New York Times was instrumental in the run up to the Iraq war. It served as a both a conduit and a legitimizer of the war. The administration would feed information to Judith Miller and Michael Gordon, who would dutifully print it, and then […]