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Daily Archives: May 9th, 2008

Jim Mitchell

My wife and I got an invitation to Jim Mitchell’s retirement party today. Jim, for those of you not from Groton, is our superintendent of schools, who is actually retiring. He was not fired, driven out or caught in a scandal. He did not piss people off by trying to get a free Audi (seasoned […]

Solidifying the Second

Via Connecticut Local Politics, the Cook Report confirms what we’ve known for a long time, the Second is no longer in play: The Cook Political Report has changed its rating for Connecticut’s 2nd Congressional District from “Likely Democratic” to “Solid Democratic.” This is stunning, considering that this district saw the closest congressional race in the […]

Sound business plan

This is in the beating a dead horse category, but even I am stunned by the monumental stupidity of the folks at General Motors. At least they’re consistent. They just couldn’t see the gas crunch coming, so they just built more and more SUVs. And who would ever have thought that they could go wrong […]